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A gazelle is any of many antelope species in the genus Gazella, or formerly considered to belong to it. Gazelles are known as swift animals – some are able to maintain speeds as high as 50 miles per hour for extended periods of time.


Gazelles are mammals they are members of the antelope species in the genus Gazella. Gazelles are ungulates or hoofed animals.

Gazelle Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: Gazella

Other Names: Antelope,

Gazelle in Foreign Languages:

Armenian: vit’
Basque: gazela
Bosnian: gazela
Czech: gazela
Dutch: gezelle
Esperanto: gazelo
Finnish: gaselli
French: gazelle
Georgian: k'urts'iki
German: Gazelle
Greek: gazéla
Hebrew: tsvi
Irish: gasail
Italian: gazzella
Japanese: gazeru
Mandarin: língyáng
Mongolian: zeer
Persian: âhu / gazâl
Portuguese: gazela
Roman: jelen
Romanian: gazela
Russian: gazél'
Roman: gazela
Spanish: gacela
Swahili: swala / swara / paa / impala
Swedish: gasell
Turkish: ceylan


Gazelle species include:

Cuvier's Gazelle - Gazella Cuvieri
Dorcas Gazelle - Gazella Dorcas
Goitered Gazelle - Gazella Subgutturosa
Indian Gazelle - Gazella Bennettii
Mountain Gazelle - Gazella Gazella
Slender-horned Gazelle - Gazella Leptoceros
Speke's Gazelle - Gazella Spekei
Neumann's Gazelle - Gazella Erlangeri
Mongalla Gazelle - Eudorcas Albonotata
Red-fronted Gazelle - Eudorcas Rufifrons Thomson's Gazelle - Eudorcas Thomsoni
Dama Gazelle - Nanger Dama
Grant's Gazelle - Nanger Granti
Soemmerring's Gazelle - Nanger Soemmerringii



Conservation Status: Some gazelle species are endangered or threatened.

Size: Gazelles are small antelopes, most species of antelopes stand 2–3.5 feet at the shoulder.

Habitat: Most species of gazelles are found only in Africa, but some are found in Asia. Gazelles prefer open, grassy plains. They are able to extract much of their needed water through their diet.

Description: Gazelles are small antelopes, in most gazelle species both the females and males have horns. Gazelles are fawn or reddish brown colored.

Behavior: Gazelles are swift runners and jumpers.

Diet: Gazelles are herbivores, they eat grass, plants and leaves.

Communication: Gazelles communicate using body language.

Did You Know?

Gazelles can run up to 50 mph.

Gestation: Gazelles carry their young for 5-7 months, depending on the species.

Birth: Gazelle's give birth to a single baby at a time.

Life Span: The average life span of a gazelle is 10-12 years. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, jackals, African wild dogs, hyenas all prey on gazelles.

Did You Know?

. The word gazelle comes from an Arabic word that means to be affectionate.

Social Structure: Gazelle herds range from 5-10 to several hundreds of members.

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