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Lizards are a very large and widespread group of squamate reptiles, with nearly 3800 species. Lizards typically have limbs and external ears, while snakes lack both these characteristics. However, because they are defined negatively as excluding snakes, lizards have no unique distinguishing characteristic as a group. Iguana is a genus of lizard native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean.


Lizards are reptiles. There are more than 5600 species of lizards.

Lizard Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Superclass: Tetrapoda

Other Names:

Lizard in Foreign Languages:

akkedis / geitjie
Albanian: hardhuc
Aragonese: sargantana
Asturian: llagartesa
Basque: musker
Belarusian: jcarka
Breton: kazh-raden
Bulgarian: gter
Burmese: einhmyaung
Catalan: llangardaix / sargantana Cherokee: doyohila
Chinese Mandarin: xiy
Chinese Min Dong: d-ding
Chiricahua: maisho
Czech: jeterka
Danish: firben / gle
Dutch: hagedis
Esperanto: lacerto
Estonian: sisalik
Faroese: flogdreki / edla / dla
Finnish: lisko
French: lzard
Galician: lagarto
Georgian: xvliki
German: Eidechse
Greek: svra
Hiligaynon: tiki
Hindi: chipkali
Hungarian: gyk
Icelandic: ela
Ido: lacerto
Indonesian: kadal
Interlingua: lacerta
Irish: earc / laghairt
Italian: lucertola
Japanese: tokage / tokage
Javanese: kadhal
Jrriais: lzarde
Korean: domabaem
Latin: lacerta
Latvian: kirzaka
Limburgish: herdisse
Lithuanian: drieas
Macedonian: gter
Malay: cicak
Maltese: wizgha
Maori: ngarara
Mongolian: grvel
Nahuatl: tecoixin
Navajo: na'asho'ii
Norwegian: gle / firfisle
Norwegian Nynorsk: gle
Occitan: cernalha / angrla
Old English: exe
Persian: mrmolak
Polish: jaszczurka
Portuguese: lagarto
Quechua: qaraywa
Rapanui: moko
Russian: jcerica / jcerka
Sardinian: tiligherta
Scots: lizard
Scottish Gaelic: laghairt / dearc-luachrach
Sicilian: girdula / lucerta / lucrtula Slovak: jater / jaterica
Slovene: kucar
Spanish: lagarto
Swahili: mjusi
Swedish: dla
Tagalog: butik
Tajik: kaltakalos / kalpesa
Tamil: palli
Taos: kolxenlona
Thai: gng-ga / jng-jk
Turkish: kertenkele
Turkmen: kelpeze / suwulgan / hayk Ukrainian: jcirka
Urdu: chipkali
Uzbek: kaltakesak
Welsh: madfall
West Frisian: hagedis
Western Apache: naisho


Conservation Status: Some Species Endangered

Size: Lizard species vary greatly in size. The largest lizard is the Komodo dragon measuring up to10 feet long and weighing 176 lbs. The smallest lizards are members of the gecko family: theSphaerodactylus ariasae and Sphaerodactylus parthenopion which measure only 0.6 inches long.

Habitat: Lizards are found from southern Canada to the tip of South America, most of Europe and Asia, and all of Africa and Australia. Lizards are found in all areas of the world except extreme cold and deep oceans. Most lizards live on the ground, but others can be found making their homes in trees, burrows, or even in the water.

Description: Lizard are reptiles with scaly skin. Some species of lizard can shed their tails when they sense danger.

Senses: Most lizard species have acute vision.

Diet: Most lizards are herbivores, meaning they will eat only plants, including fruits and vegetables. Some small lizards will also eat small insects. Large lizards like the komodo dragon are carnivores and will eat many different types of game.

Communication: Most lizard species communicate using body language. Their body positition and posture can communicate the definition of their territory, they can resolve any disputes, and entice mates. Geckos are the only type of lizard that have vocal chords, and the ability to make sounds.

Did You Know?

Lizards smell with their tongue, just like a snake.

Birth: Most species of lizards lay eggs.

Sexually Mature: Most lizard species sexually mature around 18 months of age.

Life Span: The life span of lizards vary from species to species, some species of lizard will live up to 50 years!

Did You Know?

Many lizard species have suction cups on their feet, which makes them very good climbers.

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