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A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae and the order Erinaceomorpha. There are 17 species of hedgehog in five genera, found through parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand.


Hedgehog are small prickly mammals. There are approximately 20 species of hedgehog.

Hedgehog Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Erinaceomorpha
Family: Erinaceidae

Other Names: Pincushion, Urchin, Hedgepig, and Furze-pig.

Hedgehog in Foreign Languages:

Ancient Greek: ekhinos
Arabic: qunfudh
Moroccan Arabic: genfod
Armenian: ozni
Basque: triku
Belarusian: vo×yk
Breton: heureuchin
Bulgarian: tarale×
Catalan: erišˇ
Czech: je×ek
Danish: pindsvin
Dutch: egel
Esperanto: erinaco
Estonian: siil
Faroese: tindasvÝn
Finnish: siili
French: hÚrisson
Friulian: riš
Galician: ourizo
German: Igel
Greek: skantzˇchoiros
Hebrew: kipod
Hungarian: sŘn / sŘndisznˇ
Icelandic: broddg÷ltur
Irish: grßinneog
Italian: riccio / porcospino
Japanese: harinezumi
Korean: goseumdochi
Kurdish: jijok
Latin: erinaceus / ericius
Latvian: ezis
Lithuanian: e×ys
Luxembourgish: KÚiseker / DńreldÚier / Igel
Maltese: qanfud
Mandarin: cýwei
Navajo: adijilii
Norwegian: piggsvin / pinnsvin
Occitan: eriš / erišon
Persian: juje-tighi
Polish: jez
Portuguese: porco-espinho / ourišo
Romanian: arici
Romansch: erizun
Russian: jo× / jˇ×ik
Sardinian: arritzoni / grixoni / berittu
Scottish Gaelic: grÓineag
Sicilian: rizzu
Slovakian: je×
Slovenian: je×
Spanish: erizo
Sundanese: landak
Swedish: igelkott
Turkish: kirpi
Ukrainian: ji×ßk
Upper Sorbian: je×, je×ik
Welsh: draenog


Conservation Status: Insufficient Data

Species: There are more than 15 species of hedgehogs.

Size: Hedgehogs are 5 to 12 inches long with a 1-2 inch tail. Hedgehogs weigh 14 to 56 ounces.

Habitat: Hedgehogs are found in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand. Hedgehogs live in a variety of habitats including the forest , desert, savanna, scrubland, and suburban gardens.

Description: Hedgehogs are short, stout animals. The hedgehogs backs are covered with quills, the quills are sharp stiff spines, that are used for protection. The average hedgehog has about 5,000 to 6,500 quills.

Diet: Hedgehogs eat beetles, slugs, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, and other invertebrates. Some species of hedgehogs eat berries and fruit as well.

Behavior: Hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal. Hedgehogs will roll into a small ball as a defense mechanism to protect itself from a predator.

Communication: Hedgehogs communicate using a series of grunts, snuffles and squeals.

Did You Know?

Cancer is very common in hedgehogs. The most common is squamous cell carcinoma.

Gestation: Hedgehogs carry their young for 4 to 6 weeks.

Birth: Newborn hedgehogs weigh less than 1 ounce at birth. Hedgehogs are born blind. Hedgehogs will give birth to litters of from 1 to 11 babies. The babies will only stay with their mother for the first 4-7 weeks of their life.

Sexually Mature: Hedgehogs are sexually mature between the age of 9 to 11 months.

Life Span: A hedgehogs life span is typically 3 to 8 years. Smaller species of hedgehogs have a shorter life span.

Did You Know?

Hedgehogs can travel up to 6.5 feet per second.

Social Structure: Hedgehogs are solitary animals except when mating or raising young.

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