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Parrots are found on all tropical and subtropical continents including Australia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean, South Asia, southeast Asia, southern regions of North America, South America and Africa. Some Caribbean and Pacific islands are home to endemic species. By far the greatest number of parrot species come from Australasia and South America. The lories and lorikeets range from Sulawesi and the Philippines in the north to Australia and across the Pacific as far as French Polynesia, with the greatest diversity being found in and around New Guinea. The subfamily Arinae encompasses all the Neotropical parrots, including the Amazons, macaws and conures, and range from northern Mexico and the Bahamas to Tierra del Fuego in the southern tip of South America. The pygmy parrots, subfamily Micropsittinae, are a small genus restricted to New Guinea.

Amazon Parrot

The amazon parrot is a large green parrot that lives in South America and the Caribbean. They usually have accenting colors, depending on the type of species. The most common species of amazon have a shade of yellow across their breast. An amazon parrot like all parrots have four toes on each foot, with two at the front and two at the back allowing them to balance easily on treat branches in the wild.

Lots of amazon parrots are kept in households as pets due to they are lovable nature and they are amazing ability to mimic human words. They are also very loyal and have the ability to live for a great many years. No one really knows why parrots live for so long. It is often said that their intelligence is a key factor for this unusual trait.

However the occasional amazon parrot during a mating period may become strangely aggressive, therefore it is necessary to keep them well under control and in good company all of the time. The best way to do this is to have a second amazon parrot so they can communicate with one another during the periods when human company is unavailable. This will stop them from getting bored which can happen very easily!

Every amazon parrot likes to destroy things, some more than others! In the wild they tend to chew on wood often, which breaks down their cavities and helps keep their teeth nice and strong. Make sure you have lots of destructible toys for your amazon parrot to chew on throughout the day. Having these toys also stops them from becoming aggressive as they always have something to amuse themselves with.

It is important to realise that an amazon parrot requires more attention and care than any other domestic pet such as cats and dogs. It is recommended that before you buy an amazon parrot, you should first purchase a smaller bird that is easier to care for so you gain some valuable experience. Perhaps starting off with a budgerigar would be a good idea just until you have enough experience to handle a real amazon parrot.

An amazon parrot is a very serious animal and requires a lot of attention. Only experienced bird handlers have the ability to care for such magnificent creatures. This is the number one golden rule that all likely amazon parrot owners must abide by before owning these beautiful bird as pets.

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