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Well-known species such as the great white shark, tiger shark, and the hammerhead are apex predators, at the top of the underwater food chain. Their extraordinary skills as predators fascinate and frighten humans, even as their survival is under serious threat from fishing and other human activities.

Biggest Shark Ever Found?

Biggest Shark Ever Found

Half of the world’s shark species reach a maximum length of between 6 inches and 39 inches. More than 80% are smaller than an adult human, and only 4% are larger than 13 feet. However, the largest shark specie, the whale shark, can reach lengths of 40 feet. This incredible length crowns the whale shark as the world’s largest fish.The largest confirmed whale shark was 41.5 feet and weighed 79,000 pounds.

Large carnivorous sharks include the extinct megaladon shark, the great white shark, the tiger shark, and the hammerhead shark. The extinct megaladon shark, an ancient ancestor of the great white, is thought to have reached a maximum length of 67 feet, and a maximum weight of 228,000 pounds. The largest great white shark is thought to have been 23 feet with a weight of 5,500 pounds. The largest confirmed tiger shark was 24 feet and weighed 6,900 pounds. The largest hammerhead shark is thought to have been 20 feet. The largest confirmed weight of a hammerhead shark was 1,280 pounds, although it was due to the fact it was pregnant.

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