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Highly adaptable, tigers range from the Siberian taiga, to open grasslands, to tropical mangrove swamps. They are territorial and generally solitary animals, often requiring large contiguous areas of habitat that support their prey demands. The most numerous tiger subspecies is the Bengal tiger while the largest subspecies is the Siberian tiger.

Siberian Tiger Facts

Siberian Tiger Facts

Siberian Tigers are mostly found in Siberia and Manchuria. At one time they could also be found in China and Korea though their numbers have sharply declined in those areas due to illegal poaching. Siberian Tigers are an endangered species.

Siberian Tigers are the largest of cats weighing up to 850 lbs and are up to 10-12 feet in length. Siberian Tigers have an amazing ability to jump and can jump up to 23 feet.

Siberian Tigers have the lightest coat among all tigers. Siberian Tigers have long dense fur to protect it from the cold. Siberian Tigers are pale orange with black stripes. White Siberian Tigers have a pale white coat with brown stripes.

Siberian Tigers prey on elk, deer, wild, pigs, large mammals and they will even eat monkeys, bird frogs and fish, when food is scarce. Typically only 1 in 10 hunting attempts are successful. Siberian Tigers will often warn of an attack by moving their tail.

Siberian Tigers live a solitary life. Male Siberian Tigers protect their territory with a vigilance but they will not attack a female tiger with cubs.

Siberian Tigers typically carry their young in utero for 3-3.5 months. Siberian Tiger cubs are born blind. Siberian Tigers are considered full grown at 3 years of age.

Siberian Tigers are known to survive for as long as 15 years in the wild (captivitiy typically results in a much shorter lifespan).

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