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The Warthog, Wart-hog, Common Warthog, or African Lens-Pig is a wild member of the pig family that lives in grassland, savanna, and woodland in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the past it was commonly treated as a subspecies of P. aethiopicus, but today that scientific name is restricted to the Desert Warthog of northern Kenya, Somalia, and eastern Ethiopia.

The common name comes from the four large wart-like protrusions found on the head of the warthog, which serve the purpose of defence when males fight as well as a fat reserve.

Overview of the Warthog

Overview of the Warthog

Warthogs are members of the pig family that live in Africa. They range in size from 3 to 5 feet in length, and 110 to 170 pounds in weight. They are identifiable by their two pairs of tusks, which come from the mouth and curve upwards. The lower pair of tusks is shorter than the upper pair, and are very sharp, due to the fact that they rub against the upper pair every single time the warthog’s mouth opens or closes.

A warthog uses its tusks for digging, fighting with other hogs, and in defence against predators. The lower set can seriously hurt or maim even the fiercest predators. However, while they can fight (demonstrated especially during mating season, amongst each other), their primary defense against predators is fleeing. Their primary predators are humans, lions, leopards, crocodiles, hyenas and cheetahs. However, they have no major threats, as even lions will hesitate in attacking them, due to their tusks. Sometimes, a fight with a warhog will end with a lion bleeding to death.

Warthogs are omnivorous, eating grasses, roots, berries, fruits, bark, fungi, eggs and carrion. They live in groups called sounders, and have an estimated population in southern Africa of approximately 250,000.

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