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Wolves have bulky coats consisting of two layers. The first layer is made up of tough guard hairs that repel water and dirt. The second is a dense, water-resistant undercoat that insulates. The undercoat is shed in the form of large tufts of fur in late spring or early summer (with yearly variations). A wolf will often rub against objects such as rocks and branches to encourage the loose fur to fall out.

Wolf World

We humans love our pets. We dress them up, take them to doggie day cares, and even carry them around in little suitcases made especially for them. However, when these little darlings are larger than life, you may not be able to keep them with you as your arm candy. But that is okay because we still love our babies no matter how big or wild they might be. Did you know though, that Fido’s relatives are seen as predators that are feared all over the world? That is right. The wolf has for many years been seen as an aggressive animal that will attack without warning. But is this stereotype true? Can it be true of a family pet’s cousin?

Since the beginning of time, the Native Americans have been associating their lives with that of animals in the wildlife kingdom. One of the most misunderstood of these animals is the wolf. For years, the wolf has been seen as an aggressor, when in reality they are very loving and social creatures. This side of the animal was first seen by the tribes of the Americas. The Native American tribes recognized this and they have incorporated the wolf into many of their myths and legends. The wolf will forever be associated with the Native Americans, and learning more about this relationship can help one to better understand the world of Native Americans.

One can look to the many tribes of the Native Americans to see stories that tell about wolves. The Sioux, Cherokee, Lakota, and others all have stories about how the wolves helped in the development of man. The creation story of the Cherokee has a wolf in it as well as the story of the woman who was left behind in the Lakota tribe and the wolf saved her. Just as Romulus and Remus were supposedly saved by a she wolf and they then founded Rome.

Wolves have been in the world of Native Americans since the beginning. They are revered not only for their strength but also for their endurance. Wolves can sustain life with little food or water for extremely long periods of time. This was something that the Native Americans hoped for in their own selves.

Today, the wolves can be seen in numerous Native American arts. They are depicted by watching over people while they sleep or as a journey to the spirit world. Owning these magnificent creatures is not something that most are encouraged to do, however, you can own a piece of Native American art that showcases these incredible creatures. If you do not live in or near an Indian reservation or land, then you can use the internet to search for beautiful artwork that is all hand made by Native American artisans. Everything from wolf jewelry to wolf dream catchers can be located online. Often you will see women with the wolves in Native American art due to the stories that depict women and wolves together.

In all actuality wolves rarely attack unless they are carrying the rabies disease. Many times if a wolf senses a human in their midst they will slink away. However, wolves have been seen as being aggressive for centuries. For example, in the Bible wolves are mentioned thirteen times and they usually refer to some sort of greed. But if you travel to other parts of the world, the wolf is regarded as a protector of humans and crops. Even the recent attacks that have been in the news with regard to the wolf usually have occurred against a child which a wolf sees as being an easier target than an adult. Again, though, wolves will usually not attack unless they are provoked in some way.

Another thing that the wolf is seen as being aggressive towards is livestock. Around the world livestock are attacked each year by wolves that are looking for food. In the United States, cattle and turkeys are the most common livestock that are attacked by the wild wolf.

Wolves unlike their domesticated dog counterparts are not good as pets. Wolves are hard to socialize when not in their native pack and their food consumption can be enormous. However, people still love them after all of these issues. Wolf collectibles can be found in many different places, and event the Southwest décor that is popular is enhanced with the wolf emblem. Numerous Native American arts also use the wolf as the center of their inspiration. If you are in the market for great wolf collectibles one only has to surf the net to usually find what they are looking for in the realm of collectibles.

A good place to start is an auction site. These sites will offer numerous items all at once that focus on the wolf.

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